Thursday, June 24, 2010

It is dance recital weekend!!

I am so very excited! Amanda dances for a wonderful dance studio: Precision Dance Center. PDC is located right here in Roseville, CA and is under the direction of Lisa Clement who I must say is a fabulous (I do mean, FABULOUS!) tap dancer in her own right, and who shares that passion with her students.

When Lisa choreographs a dance, you can hear the story unfold from the dancers feet. It is AMAZING! Amanda has danced for Lisa for nearly 11 years, and never wants to stop tapping.

This year's dances include the multi-award winning "Money (Makes the World Go 'Round)," "Whatcha Say'" and the fun filled "New York, New York" production number. Last week I watched a rehearsal for the new "Glee" production number, and I was in awe of each beat of the tapper's feet. Stellar!

Of course, no dance recital, competition or other performance would be complete without features from the other dance styles of lyrical, jazz, ballet, and hip-hop so you can be sure that Precision Dance Center's annual dance recital at 2:30 on Saturday at the Del Oro Performing Arts Center will have plenty of rhythm and style for every one's preference.

I personally am a purist, and just love, love, LOVE tap. Maybe that is because tap is my daughter's passion, and all she dances in. Or, maybe it is because Manda is passionate about dancing for Lisa Clement who choreographs the most amazing tap dances.

We are totally blessed to have members of our family joining us for Saturday's dance recital.

My mom and brother are here from Nevada and at least one of my other brother's will be joining us along with my sister-in-law (from Russ' side of the family!) and my neice and her fiance.

Thank you everyone for supporting my daughter's passion for dance and her love of performing!

Happy recital weekend!

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