Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Oh ya....

I'll admit it!

My daughter has read (multiple times) each and every page of each book in the Twilight series.

When she first started reading them, I was not at all interested. Not even slightly. I could not even make myself work up enough interest to be curious about the series. I knew that it came highly recommended by her freshman English teacher. And, I knew that Manda was loving the books.

I had no idea who Bella Swan was; nor did I care why Jacob Black or Edward Cullen seemed to cause most living females into arguing over which team deserved loyalty.

It wasn't until Breaking Dawn was released that my interest was tickled into curiosity. It was as we were sitting at Borders waiting for the midnight release that I began to question what the whole "Team Edward" vs. "Team Jacob" even meant.

About 2 weeks before Twilight was to be released into the theaters; I decided I should actually read the book. I justified this as a due process any responsible parent would take since I was driving and paying for a car load of girls to see the movie for my daughter's 16th birthday.

As we stood in line at the theater, I was about 1/2 way through Twilight. I was not hooked, but I was no longer apathetic about it either. Stephanie Meyer is a prolific writer who knows how to capture a readers attention and I felt like I was inside the story, watching it unfold as a part of my life. Much like watching a bunch of people you know live their lives.

By the time we took our seats the energy in the theater was tangible and my daughter's group of friends were tingling with the energy and excitement that was radiating off of them like fairy dust off of Tinkerbelle.

By the time the movie was over ----- Tinkerbelle could have dumped a truck load of fairy dust on me, and the only thing I would have cared about was wiping the dust away from my eyes so that I could go home, devour the rest of Twilight and read the other 3 books in the series.

I was hooked.

And, by the way ---- I am "Team Edward." I love Edward's old world manners, and his protectiveness over Bella. I understand that his abandonment of her was in fact his way of trying to protect her. I adore the Cullen family - with all of their quirks and pet peeves. I love that his advanced age gives him a wisdom and knowledge about the reality of life as he has experienced it.

Besides - Jacob is just way too young for me to be on his team. He is just a baby. I'll leave him to my daughter and all of her friends.

Manda picked up her copy of "New Moon" on Sunday after church. We popped some pop corn, poured tall glasses of sparkling water, and had a Twilight festival in the comfort of our own living room. We were just going to watch the ending of "Twilight" and then pop in "New Moon" but we watched every moment of both movies.

I love spending quality time with my sweet 17 year old. And, I love that she shared her love of reading with me and got me hooked on the wonderful Twilight Saga.

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