Tuesday, October 20, 2009

It's beginning to ......

feel like Fall may finally be arriving! Yipee! That is a change I will welcome with open arms. I love the colors of Fall, the cooler air, the changing weather, the rain, wind and even the fog. I love the cooler temperatures of Fall.

There are several "things" upon my heart and mind, so I will just touch each subject, and hopefully come back later and expand upon them:

1.) Our 18 year old niece, Bonnie, is ill. She is hospitalized with complications from the flu (not the swine flu.) that lead to pneumonia. Please pray that she will make a full recovery.

Bonnie is a freshman in college this year. She has her entire life ahead of her. She is a nice girl, very intelligent, out going and responsible. Her parents and sister are deeply worried.

Bonnie is the daughter of Russ' brother Jim. Jim, Martha and the girls live on the east coast. Charlotte (Bonnie's older sister) is a newly wed with two adorable boys, one of whom is just a new born.

Please help us to lift this family, the doctors, nurses and medical staff up in prayer.

On Russ' side of the family there are 4 grandchildren. All girls: Charlotte, Jessica, Bonnie and Amanda. The dynamics are (in my mind) pretty cool:

Two girls on the east, 2 on the west. There are 2 blondes, and 2 brunettes; with one of each living on each coast. Charlotte and Jessica are the two oldest and close in age; Charlotte is on the east coast; Jessica is on the west coast. They are the brunettes. Bonnie and Manda are close in age, and both have blonde hair. Manda is my daughter, and Bonnie lives on the east coast. All of the girls are intelligent, loving and kind. We have great off-spring!

2.) About a month ago one of my cousins (who is considerably older than me, and whom I didn't know well) who located me on FB (love you, Frank!) revealed a long lost skeleton from my father's closet. My older brothers and I have an older brother!

Well, let me clarify - we have an older brother whom my brothers and I did not know about. His name is Rod and I am looking forward to getting a chance to meet him and his wife and daughter soon.

3.) My father's family (the Caravelli side) is having a family reunion this weekend. Russ has to work on Sunday and can not go. Manda and I will be attending. I am nervous. I have not seen most of my father's family in more than 15 years. Please pray that Manda and I will have safe travel, and that we will have open minds and open hearts and that we will accept those around us as we wish to be accepted, without judgement and with a loving and kind heart.

4.) I am trying to put together a celebration of thanks for my family. I have invited our immediate family. Russell's and my mom (of course!) Russell's brother Bob and our wonderful sister in law Suzette, their sweet daughter Jessica and her fiance'; my brothers: Randy, Rich and Allyson and Nicole, Rob and Melba.

I so want to have Rod and Kathy and Caitlyn there too - but the rest of the family is not comfortable with it. (Short of stomping my feet and throwing a tantrum, which I do not really want to resort to!) I am not at all sure how to solve this situation. I pray that my heavenly Father will guide me on this and give me clarity and resolve.

I treasure each of my brothers completely and want each of them to know that I love and respect them with all of my heart. We may be a family that needs a "Family Forrest" and not a family tree to track our genealogy, but I love my family. We may only be 1/2 related, but I love them wholly.

Hope this post finds you all in good health and much happiness!

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